Saturday, 1 November 2014

Monthly Favourites | October

Monthly Favourite | October

First up can we just talk about the fact that its November already? I honestly can't believe it, this year seems to be flying by. It's going to be Christmas before we know it!
Now for the favourites, first up is this Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, this has very quickly become my favourite this is perfect for me as I personally hate sleeping in fake tan it always makes me uber uncomfortable. I love this as even if you have a unplanned night out you can just chuck it on for an hour and walla you have some colour, also I use this just in general as I like the amount of colour it gives me when I've just had it on an hour, its not too dark but its just enough to save me looking like casper!
Next up we have this beaut of a lipstick, these are pretty much what I wear every day and I really need to pick up some more shades. I reviewed these a few months ago here if you fancy a read in more detail. I love the lasting power of these and because I tend to wear a brightish lip daily they are perfect.
YSL Touche Eclat highlighter, I love using this under my eyes, my brow bone and on the tops of my cheeks. It adds a little highlight without being too much, for someone with a combination oily skin type wearing too much highlighter can make me look a little like a disco ball, this is a great in-between.
Last but not least my new favourite foundation, I don't know how I ever lived without this! Its perfect, Ill have a review coming later this month. What have your favourites been this month? Anything you think I should be trying this month? Let me know!

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  1. I loveee the touche eclat for a subtle highlight. So glad you do to :)

    Hope you have a fantastic November,

    X Emma |


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