Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Weekly Uniform #2


1 - Work Wear, 2 - Shopping, 3 - Work Wear

Another collection of outfits I've managed to chuck on this week. This past week has been an odd one weather wise, its warm one day then freezing the next I wish it would just make its mind up and either be nice or cold.

1 - Work Wear : Pencil Skirt - Primark, Jumper - Bury Market

2 - Shopping : Cardigan - Miss Guided, Dress - Newlook, Scarf - Primark.

3 - Work Wear : Shirt - Next, Jeans - Topshop.


  1. Great outfits, I love the scarf in the second one, the weather has been really annoying just wish it would make up it's mind xx

  2. I love the second outfit! Looks so cozy. It's about the same weather here, two days ago it was nice and warm and today it's freezing!

    becky ♡ star violet


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