Friday, 3 October 2014

Esteè Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation

Esteè Lauder Double Wear

My go to foundation, Esteè Lauder double wear. I repurchase this time and time again, its the perfect foundation for when you need a long lasting and blemish hiding foundation. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it stays in place all day! I love this for days when I'm going to be at work or uni all day and won't have the opportunity to touch up my makeup. If you've read my blog for a while then you may know that majority of foundations have literally disappeared off my face by lunch time. This little beauty lasts right until I'm home. 
The colour range of this foundation is great too they have such a range. Majority of people are bound to find a shade to suit them! This foundation is full coverage so if you prefer medium or sheer then this isn't for you, but if you suffer blemishes or have any scaring then you know where to turn! This foundation also doesn't transfer onto clothes or anything like that which is a great in a full coverage as I have found in the past that fuller coverage foundations are awful for transferring onto the skin. 

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  1. Have you ever tried Mac's Studio Fix foundation? Would love to know if this is equivalent and what's better? I've never tried it properly before. Loving your blog! Followed following the #bloghour chat! :-) I'm having a Rimmel Glitterbomb giveaway which ends tomight if you're interested. Sabi xxx


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