Saturday, 4 October 2014

Flat Tour : Kitchen


Flat Tour : Kitchen

Flat Tour : Kitchen

Flat Tour : Kitchen

Flat Tour : Kitchen

Since I've moved and we all love home wear I thought I'd give you a little tour around my kitchen. I'm really sorry but I can't remember where I bought everything as it was a few months ago now.

First up are these lovely tea, coffee and sugar pots. I love the floral print on these, next up are these super cute salt and pepper shaker type things. I adore the one with its eyes closed smiling it just looks so happy!
Oh these beautiful scales, I'm literally in love with them although they are completely wasted in my kitchen as I'm useless at cooking so have no need for them!
Here's three of the things I do use often this little red/pink toaster is so cute and just well a toaster, next up a cheeky glass with lots of different coloured straws in cute hu? You can also see my beloved Breville blend active, fruit smoothies all the way!
Last but not least is this kettle, now this has a little story, I bought it thinking it was you know an electric kettle turns out you have to put it on the cooker! Nightmare but now I actually love it theres just something about having to wait till you hear the whistle before you start cooking! Haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I just thought it was nice for you to see little bits and bobs around my place and I love kitchen things for some strange reason.


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    1. Thanks beaut! The little pigs are my fave! Haha xx

  2. I love flat tours/pictures. Just an excuse to be nosey really.

    Jaynie Shannon; Beauty and Lifestyle


  3. Your kitchen is so so cute!! Lovely photos xx

    Abi |

  4. Great post, I love the floral tins for Coffee Sugar & Tea & I love the sound of that kettle xx


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