Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Oil That Changed My Skin

Una Brennan Facial Oil

Every once in a while you find a product that completely changes your skin ... for the better! I started using the Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil by Una Brennan a good year ago now, and although I've swapped it out of my routine for newer products it always seems to sneak its way back in! At first I wondered about using this on my combination oily skin, I mean oil on oily skin? Crazy right! In a moment of madness I decided I would give it ago. 
This is literally the best product I've ever found to cleanse my skin, I use this to remove all of my makeup from the day and then I do a second cleanse. In a morning I just do one cleanse using this. I literally pour a load on my hands, massage it in then add some water to my hands a massage in again (which turns it into a sort of foam type wash) then I simply buff off with a warm flannel. 
Walla beautiful soft, brightened and hydrated skin. This oil doesn't cause my any extra oil on my skin, in fact I think it keeps it just right. I think this oil would work with any skin type including dry as its so hydrating. Theres nothing I don't love about this product, ok maybe the packaging isn't the best but at £10.99 f0r 200ml who am I to complain?

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