Monday, 13 October 2014

10 Things I Love About Autumn

10 Things I Love About Autumn

1 - Autumn walks, theres just something about the cool air with the sun shining  whist your wrapped up nice and cosy
2 - Jumpers - yup you can were them all day everyday!
3 - Pj's by 6pm and no one questions you about it.
4 - Beautiful smelling candles? Everyone loves those right?
5 - Nights snuggled in watching tv. Yes I'm a bit of a house hermit
6 - Huge scarf - literally my favourite things in the world
7 - It's more acceptable to eat pizza this time of year, extra layer and all that!
8 - Hot chocolate, lets face it. It's pretty much the law.
9 - Baths with Lush bath bombs, lets be honest we all love those.
10 - How pretty everything looks this time of year. Beautiful.

What do you love about Autumn? Let me know!

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